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AC Torque Motor

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An electric motor with accurate torque control is referred to as an AC torque motor, sometimes known as an AC torque motor or a torque synchronous motor. Contrary to normal induction motors, AC torque motors are designed for high torque at low speeds and are frequently used in positioning, machine tools, and robotics applications that demand precise and reliable torque production.


The following are some essential qualities and traits of AC torque motors:

1. Design: Low-pole-count AC torque motors typically have a lot of magnetic poles in the stator and little rotor inertia. High torque can be generated using this arrangement, even at slow speeds.

2. Synchronous Operation: When an AC torque motor is operating in synchronous mode, the rotor and the stator's spinning magnetic field rotate at the same pace. This synchronous operation avoids the slip that is found in induction motors and enables exact control of torque output.

3. High Torque Density: AC torque motors are renowned for their high torque density, which refers to their ability to produce a substantial amount of torque for their size and weight. They are thus appropriate for situations requiring strong torque but little space.

4. AC torque motors have the capacity to operate in direct drive topologies, which eliminates the need for extra mechanical parts like gears or belts. Increased economy, decreased backlash, and better precision are all benefits of direct drive systems.

5. AC torque motors are exceptional in producing great torque at low speeds. Applications that require precise control of force and position, such robotic arms, CNC machines, and automated manufacturing systems, benefit from this property.

6. Control Options: A number of techniques, such as vector control, field-oriented control (FOC), and direct torque control (DTC), can be used to regulate the torque of AC motors. These control methods provide accurate modulation of speed and torque as well as dynamic response.


The advantages of AC torque motors include high torque precision, superior torque control at low speeds, and the capacity to do away with mechanical parts like gearboxes, which leads to less maintenance and increased system effectiveness.

To optimise their performance and provide the appropriate torque control characteristics, AC torque motors may need specialised drive electronics and control algorithms.

In general, AC torque motors are created especially for uses that call for high precision and high torque control at low speeds. In robotics, machine tools, automation systems, and other fields where precise force and position control are essential, they are frequently utilised.



1. How do AC torque motors work?

Ans - An electric motor called an AC torque motor is used to directly apply torque to a load for rotational motion. Applications like robotics, automation, and precise industrial processes frequently use this kind of motor.

2. What benefits do AC torque motors offer?

Ans - AC torque motors provide benefits such strong starting torque, AC operation, high efficiency, and small size. They are adaptable and suited for a variety of applications due to their ability to function with a variety of speed-torque characteristics.

3. What kind of control systems do AC torque motors need?

Ans - AC Servo systems or vector-controlled systems are often needed for the functioning of torque motors. These control systems can be adjusted to meet the needs of the application and give the motor precise control and feedback.

4. What kind of power source are AC torque motors required to have?

Ans - Single-phase, three-phase, or DC electricity are all acceptable power sources for AC torque motors. The power supply should be selected to meet the motor's voltage and amperage needs.

5. What kinds of uses are appropriate for AC torque motors?

Ans - In applications including robotics, automation, lifting and transportation, medical and laboratory equipment, and precise industrial operations, AC Torque Motors are frequently employed. 

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